The mystery guy...

The mystery guy...

It's been a few years since I met him... This mysterious guy. He still is a mystery to me even after all this years.

He is just too mysterious, he doesn't tell much about his life... and the worst part is that he is extremely sarcastic, so it's impossible to know when he is telling the truth or being sarcastic.
I feel like I'm describing him as an horrible person, he is not.

He is a very important part of my life, he became part of my routine since I see him everyday. He makes me laugh a lot, he cares about me and he is really present in my life. He really likes to bother me I actually don't even mind because I like to bother him to...
We kinda have a love-hate "relationship"...

Let me try to explain, he is so nice to me most of the days, but then other days he distances himself from me...
I really don't get it, and the thing is that everyone that spends time with us says he has a crush on me or something...
Some people told me tha…

Latin Playlist

Latin Playlist 

On Spotify :

1.  Carlos Vives, Sebastian Yatra- Robarte un beso

2. Maluma- Felices los 4

3. Diogo Pirraça- Nao sou eu

4. Sebastian Yatra- Devuélveme el corazón

5. Sebastian Yatra- Alguien robo

6. Becky G, Bad Bunny- Mayores

7. Sebastian Yatra- Traicionera

8. Nicky Jam- Si tu la ves

9. Wisin- Nota de amor

10. Diogo Pirraça- So existo contigo 

11. Nicky Jam- Hasta el amanecer

12. Diogo Pirraça- Volta

13. J Balvin- 6 am

14. D.A.M.A- As vezes 

15. J Balvin- Ay vamos

16. David Carreira- Haverá sempre uma musica

Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist 
On Spotify :

1.Taylor Swift-  ...Ready for it ? 

2. Sabrina Carpenter- Why 

3. Dua Lipa- Idgaf

4. Louis Tomlinson - Back to you

5. Pink- What about us

6. Halsey- Bad at love 

7. Rita Ora- Your song 

8. The chainsmokers- Bloodstream

9. Selena Gomez- Only you 

10. Melanie Martinez- Soap 

11.Carlos Vives, Sebastian Yatra- Robarte un beso

12. Sebastian Yatra- Devuélveme el corazón

13. Dua Lipa- Blow your mind

14.Ed Sheeran- Perfect 

15. Jonas Blue- Perfect strangers 

16. Martin Garrix- There for you 

Let yourself fall in love

Let yourself fall in love 
You know, that feeling when you meet someone and you feel like you're about to fall in love?
Sometimes, you just know.
I'm falling, I know I am, and I feel like he is going to reck my world apart...
But the thing is I know I'm going to live the most amazing adventure.

So right now I'm at this point where I just let myself fall for him... Maybe I will regret it maybe I won't... The truth is that right now this feels like the right call. I want to fall in love. I want to live those first months where everything is perfect. I want to be in love again.

He is charming, thoughtful, spontaneous, special and really funny, he makes me laugh a lot and the thought of him makes me smile, you know, that stupid smile, the I'm falling for you smile ...

And at this point I just can't stop thinking about him... Am I crazy? I don't even know right now. I like him, let's face it he is the kind of guy you can't get out of your mind...


La dispute

La dispute
Aujourd'hui, j'ai appris quelque chose sur moi, j'ai appris quelque chose que j'ai toujours su, quelque chose que j'ai toujours suspectée...  Je ne peux pas avoir une relation sans dispute, j'ai besoin d'avoir quelqu'un qui me cherche et me remet en cause.  Je ne dis pas que je veux avoir des disputes h24 mais j'aime me disputer pas violemment ni physiquement, mais d'une manière inoffensive et passionnante. 
Je me suis rendue compte que j'ai besoin d'avoir quelqu'un qui me cherche, quelqu'un qui me remet en cause. Quelqu'un qui me montre qu'il y a d'autres façons de regarder le monde.  Je veux quelqu'un qui me montre que je peux faire ce que je veux. Je veux avoir quelqu'un qui me rend folle. Je ne veux pas avoir des conversations du genre "je t'aime" "moi aussi je t'aime", "tu me manques tellement" "toi aussi". Moi je veux avoir des conversations où o…

Tu e Eu

Tu e Eu 

Muitas vezes me pergunto se sabes o que fizeste... Se sabes que me destruíste-te por completo. Será que sabes que por tua causa chorei noites sem fim? Será que sabes que custou me demasiado esquecer-te, esquecer o que tínhamos, esquecer tudo o que amava?

Será que às vezes pensas no que fizeste? Será que quando estás com ela pensas naquilo que fizeste? Será que tens remorços daquilo que fizeste? Será que te arrependes de me teres destruído? Será que se pudesses mudavas algo? Será que pensas em nós?

Como é que conseguiste esquecer tudo assim? Isto alguma vez foi real para ti ou eu estive nisto sozinha desde o inicio?

Eu lembro-me de tudo ... cada pequeno insignificante detalhe gravei tudo na minha memória...
O teu olhar, o teu sorriso, o teu toque, a tua voz...

Será que ainda te lembras dos nossos momentos? Será que ainda te lembras do melhor verão que tivemos? Será que te lembras de sentires como se fossemos durar para sempre?

Gostava de saber porquê? Porque é que decidiste fa…

30 tv shows to watch on Netflix

Tv shows to watch on Netflix

30# Misfits

I honestly liked the first season but after season 4 I stopped watching because I lost interest.  Even though it is a good tv show, it's about 5 people, they are all doing community work. One day they are stroke by lightning during their community service time and they get powers. The series follow each character trying to manage their powers. 

29# Under the dome

I watched all seasons, but I'll admit the last season was really weird and it's a shame because the first seasons were really good. So this tv show it's based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, it's about a city which is put under a dome, no one can leave and no one can come in. This series follows the struggles of the population of this city and the secrets.

28# From dusk till dawn

This tv show follows the brothers Ricky and Seth Gecko. They are wanted by the police. One day they take hostages to the desert they realize that the town is run by night creatures. Th…

Tinder date

Meeting a tinder guy
So I was on tinder and found a really cute guy, he had a really funny name so I decided to text him, we exchanged a lot of messages.  He told me, he never thought he was going to meet a girl like me on tinder, what is that even supposed to mean? A girl who is only on tinder because her heart got broken? I truly believe there are a lot of those on tinder.  He was really a nice guy, well I really believed he was. I let myself get addicted to his attention, I needed it. I missed that feeling, the feeling you get when you're about to fall in love.  Let's face it, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. You start laughing just by the thought of his stupid smile and his deep green eyes.  We kept talking for a month then he decided to come to my city, I have to admit I was super nervous but it actually went really well. We visited the city, we had some drinks and talked a lot.  The most amazing moment was when we were at a café terrace and he laid his beauti…


Second destination
Day1- I caught the train from Genova to Milan at 10am, because most trains were already full so I had to wait at train station for my train, I ate breakfast at a little café and went on the internet to decide what I was going to do once I got to Milan. I stayed 3 days at Milan.  Once I arrived at Milan train station I had to get a card to travel around on the subway. I had to take 2 subways to get to the hostel, then I left my backpack there and went to the Duomo. I went to the Novecento museum and admired the art of the 20th century. After that I went to the train station to get tickets to the hop on and hop off bus, after that I went shopping then I visited the Duomo chapel and regretted not to pay a little more for the elevator. I watched a group of dancers.  I looked for the middle finger sculpture and after a couple of hours I ended up finding it, after that I went to café and chilled for an hour, then I ate and went home.
Day 2- I took the touristic bus and explor…


First destination 
Last spring I went on my first solo trip.  My destination? Italy, in 2 weeks I visited around 9 cities. I have to admit it was the best experience of my life and I hope to go on another solo trip sometime soon. I didn't plan everything in advance, I only booked the hostels because I didn't wanted to worry about that once I was there. I landed in Pisa, waited about 15 minutes to take a bus to go to the train station, but the train station was really close so I could have just walked. Once there I had to buy a ticket to go to Genova, it was really hard because they didn't understand my request but I managed to buy the ticket anyway.. after a couple of hours I arrived, I had to get a ticket to go the hostel to check-in, I arrived at the nearest bus station nd then I didn't know where to go next, so I asked 2 lovely ladies and they showed me where it was. I really have a positive opinion about italians, these 2 ladies stopped what they were doing to help m…

Getting over your ex

Forth chapter 

Let's admit it getting over someone you loved it's the hardest thing to do even if you have every reason to hate that person.  It hurts to see that they have moved on and you're still holding on to something that ended a longtime ago. Just so you know you're not alone... It took me a longtime and a lot of tears to get over my ex but I did. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but I had to realize I deserve better When we broke up I blocked him and he blocked me, so we wouldn't be tented to talk. I started to go out more often with my friends trying to forget what he had done. I went on a solo trip to Italy, it kept me occupied so I didn't think that much about him.  But then he started to go out with someone else... and it hurt so much, all the effort I had put to forget him was pointless at that point.  I did everything to keep myself occupied, I started to write again to draw.. and it actually kept me occupied and I wasn't thinking ab…

Series 2016-2017

Series to watch

New shows 2016-17:
The bold type

This tv show has just started a couple of weeks ago and it's inspired by the life of Joanna Coles Cosmopolitan editor. It's about the life of 3 powerful women working for the Scarlet magazine. This serie explores the voice, the life and the relationships of 3 intelligent women. Scarlet it's a feminist magazine most topics are about women, women's pleasure and women strength. The lidding cast are 3 women trying to find their identity and their place at Scarlet.  

When we rise

It takes place in the U.S and it shows the struggles of the LGBT people through the years. It shows the battles that many people fought for the U.S Civil Rights.  It shows mostly the struggle 4 individuals fighting for their rights: Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Diane Jones and Ken Jones. Each of their stories is different and reliable. Roma starts fighting for women's rights and she also tries to find safe places for women. Cleve firstly fights for gay'…